Make A Run For It

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IMG_7736The phrase “make a run for it” means…to suddenly start running in order to escape from somewhere.

I often picture God and or Jesus, standing at the end of a road, or a beautiful pathway with arms wide open.

When I know I’ve let go of His hand at one time or another, the Holy Spirit directs my eyes to that pathway where I see myself running into His arms.

“God charts the road you take.” Psalm 1:6 MSG

Without Him to guide me, I’d truly be lost. I have no idea where I am going half the time!

Jesus loves us…period.  He loves us today, He loved us yesterday, and He will love us tomorrow!

No matter how bad we mess things up, or become a mess ourselves, He loves us!

He is standing on that beautiful pathway with arms wide open for you and for me.

If we “make a run for it”, it simply means we have realized the world’s ways are not for us!

When we make a run for Him, we will not regret it!

“If you make a run for God ~ you won’t regret it!” Psalm 2:12 MSG


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