Summertime In Tennessee

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IMG_5451The mountain laurel sways with ease along the stream once more,

a path of beauty spreads the way for Summer’s open door.

Blooms of color fill the land a carpet all around,

each one unique within itself upon a welcomed ground.

Fireflies roam up in the night, the twinkle shines above,

a tiny hand that reaches out to grab them all with love.

Friends and families gather for a picnic at the park,

crickets singing songs to hear when night becomes the dark.

Children’s laughter in the air, the shouts are filled with glee,

Summertime is special in the hills of Tennessee!  ~ Beth

(I wrote this poem back in 1995, and every summer I try to stop at some point and reflect on how God made my Tennessee so beautiful…not only in the Summer, but in all seasons.  He graced the mountains and hills with a beauty like not other!)

May the Lord bless you and keep you on your journey ~ BethIMG_5455

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