Crazy For God

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photo (16)I’ve done some pretty “hair-brained” and crazy things in my life.  And If I ever forget what I have done, all I need to do is pick up the phone and call my best good friend and somehow, she remembers all the crazy stuff better than I do!

The first crazy thing that I can remember, involved my first cousin. She would be more than glad to tell you a few “hair-brained” things from our younger days.

When you’re six and your cousin is three, there’s not much that can happen right? Wrong!  Not sure where I found a pair of scissors one day, but I did, and they found their way on top of my three year old cousin’s head…her bangs to be exact! I cut her bangs so short I thought her Mom would have a cow! She didn’t particularly care for the new “do” that I gave my little cuz!  My cousin and I both laugh every time we think about that day.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved to draw and paint.  I would sit and draw Snoopy on top of his dog house all day long when I was a little girl.  Then, I took art in high school and continued my love of drawing, as I still do today.  I always thought that I would be an art teacher one day, and although that never came to be, believe it or not, I get to draw and paint quite a bit as a Kindergarten Assistant. God has blessed me with a job I absolutely love, where I get to do the things that I love!

Jump ahead to my senior year of high school.  We’re on a field trip to the Hunter Museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  We strolled through the museum, enjoying the paintings that hung on the walls. We went into one room where a painting had been taken down to be cleaned.  The small brass plate with its title, “The Lobster Man” was still in place.  It was a crazy thing to do, and if I had gotten caught, I’m pretty sure I would have been in trouble.  I politely took a pencil and proceeded to draw my own version of “The Lobster Man” on the wall where the original painting once hung. It looked pretty good if I do say so myself.  Not too many people can say they have had a drawing at the Hunter Museum!

Blast forward a few more years to when our boys were little.  I had over heard a conversation at the beauty shop one day about how you (as in anybody!) could adopt a Greyhound dog after they had paid their dues of racing.  I was so caught up in this conversation that I knew this was something that I had to do! I would be known far and wide as the great “Greyhound Rescuer”!  I asked this very knowledgeable and enthusiastic lady about the rescue efforts of the poor Greyhounds.  She told me that she knew of one that was available immediately.  “Buddy” the Greyhound hadn’t worked out in the first placement home, and he was needing to try another one.  Enter the Maxwell family. My poor husband was talked into this mission that I was on. Let’s just say that “Buddy” the retired Greyhound wasn’t for the Maxwell family either! I took him out for a walk on his leash one day, only to find myself sailing through the air behind him after he spotted a rabbit! Buddy lasted a week in our home. I’ll admit, that really was crazy!

Now on to present day.  Summer before last my friends and I were at the annual “She Expo” in Chattanooga.  The expo is a 2 day event where celebrities are brought in, (Nicholas Sparks the author, and Cheryl Burke & Mark Ballas from Dancing With The Stars were all there on this day) to greet those in attendance.  Vendors were set up, one of which was a mattress store. My friend said she would give me a $100 dollar bill if I did a big belly flop on the mattress that was on display. Yes, it was crazy but I did it!  I took several steps back, and ran for that mattress! The man who was standing there looked down at me and said, “Well…I don’t believe I’ve ever seen that before!” I got up, smiled, and walked away. And no…I didn’t take the $100. I did that for the pure joy of it! Crazy? Yes, but fun!

One more crazy thing to share.  The director of the after school program where I work in the afternoons, needed someone to be “Elvis” in a Christmas program that we would be putting on for the parents.  Of course my hand flew up!  And before you start thinking that there was no way I could pull something like that off, I was so good, no one knew that it was even me!

Something I read in 2 Corinthians the other day, got me to thinking about all those crazy things that I had done!

“If I acted crazy, I did it for God; if I acted overly serious, I did it for you. Christ’s love has moved me to such extremes. His love has the first and last word in everything we do.”  2 Corinthians 5:14 MSG

Crazy for God, now there’s a thought!  I know I’ve done some crazy things of which I shared a few with you, but when was the last time that I acted crazy for God?  When we read about some of the things that Paul did, he probably was known as being crazy!  When he came on the scene, after his conversion,  he was preaching that anyone could follow Jesus – Jew or not.  And they did not have to convert to the Jewish faith in order to do it. This was such a radical idea, that it split the church.  God used Paul to spread the gospel, even though it may have seemed crazy to some.

When God tells you to do something, it may seem crazy to others. So be it. Christ’s love should be moving us to such extremes. Our Papa God is not going to ask us to do something contrary to who he is! I’ll admit, it felt a little crazy for me to start this blog, to write about how God’s word encourages me, but when I knew this is what he wanted me to do, I knew I had to do it!

Paul tells us that Christ’s love has the first and last word in everything we do…even if it does seems crazy to others!



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