A Healing Balm

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photo (6)It seems like I’m always the last to know about anything.  As in the “latest” thing to come along.  I’m always a couple of beats behind what everyone else already knows about.  I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.  I guess it’s all in ones perspective maybe?

The “latest” thing (for me anyway) are oils.  As in essential.  As in therapeutic essential oils.   It’s a trust issue as to which company you believe sells the 100% pure grade oil and how that oil is extracted.  I buy mine from a few places.  I started out with Young Living and still buy from them, but also, Eden’s Garden, Plant Therapy and Fabulous Frannie.  Whether you are a skeptic or not, they’ve been around for a long time.  Essential oils are used for their healing properties, a more natural way for healing.  One book I have, (as I like to refer to as my “Oil Bible”) states that oils were used back before bible times.  Of course I knew about the Frankincense and Myrrh.  Those were gifts brought to baby Jesus by two of the three wise men.  I also knew of Peppermint oil.  My Mom would buy it and use it in our vacuum cleaner to make the house smell good when she vacuumed.  But as far as all of the other oils that now grace my collection, I had no idea about them or what they were used for.

It all started last spring when my niece had someone come to her house and talk about the many uses for essential oils.  I have to admit, I was intrigued, and bought a “Starter Kit” that included some very useful essential oils, samples, and a diffuser to permeate  and “healthy-fi” the air that you breathe.  Sounded good to me!  I could certainly use some “healthy-fi-ing.”

When my kit arrived I was so excited!  I just knew my oils would do everything I had heard they could do.  Thinking to myself that this could be the start of a more healthy me, I ripped open my box like a kid on Christmas morning!

Yeah…I was pretty excited, then the kidding came from my husband.  He ribbed me quite a bit (and still does) when I first started using the essential oils.  But don’t let him kid you!  He has allowed me to apply the appropriate oils to the bottom of his old feet a time or two!

I really do believe that the Lavender oil diffused at night promotes a more restful sleep.  I use Peppermint for my sinuses, sniffing it often and putting a little bit under my nose.   And here are a few of my favorite essential oils that I have come to love so far:  Clary Sage, Thieves, Frankincense, Ginger, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Oregano, (which will make you smell like spaghetti) and Fennel.   Reading my Essential Oils pocket reference guide has been very helpful in knowing what oils to use for different things.

I know how to smell like spaghetti and pizza.  Just ask the students that I tutor in the afternoon, they sure won’t mind telling ya!  Student:I smell either spaghetti or pizza!”  Me: “That would be me, I have oils on my neck for a sore throat.”  Another Student: “I smell something like salt, pepper and ketchup.”  Well at least they didn’t say that I was stinking.  My latest recipe for my sinuses has the smell of licorice, can’t wait for that comment!

When I was a little girl, I can remember hearing about “The Balm of Gilead”, I really didn’t know exactly what it was, but I had heard and knew that it was in reference to Jesus, and that he was the healing balm of Gilead.  There’s even an old well known spiritual song with these lyrics:

There is a balm in Gilead to make the wounded whole; There is a balm in Gilead to heal the sin sick soul.”

Jeremiah 8:22 NIV poses a question to the sinning people of Judah:

“Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there? Why then is there no healing for the wound of my people?”

As I was searching places in the bible for any references of the balm in Gilead, it led me to the book of Genesis.  When you discover something that you had never in your life noticed before, it’s like a light bulb that goes off, or a bell that rings!  For me, it’s like a hidden treasure in God’s word that only he can reveal to you.  And don’t you just love it when you discover that?  You just can’t let it go and you keep thinking about it over and over, and you say to yourself, “That’s just about the neatest thing ever!”

In Genesis chapter 37, we read the story of Joseph and how his brothers sold him into slavery.

“So it came about, when Joseph reached his brothers, that they stripped Joseph of his tunic, the varicolored tunic that was on him; (you remember his coat of many colors you learned about in Sunday school) and they took him and threw him into the pit.  Now the pit was empty, without any water in it.  Then they sat down to eat a meal. And as they raised their eyes and looked, behold, a caravan of Ishmaelites was coming from Gilead, with their camels bearing aromatic gum and balm and myrrh, on their way to bring them down to Egypt.  {verses 23-25}

You also remember from your Sunday school lesson what happened next.  Joseph’s brothers sold him for 20 pieces of silver to the Ishmaelites, who took him with them down to Egypt.  But look at what was with those Ishmaelites, the balm of Gilead!  Which means, when they bought Joseph, that balm of Gilead was traveling with him every step of the way to Egypt!  And you know what happens in the rest of this story.  Joseph was made the Jewish administrator of grain for all of Egypt.  As you read what falls in between, from the time Joseph was sold into slavery to when he is made to be administrator of grain, you know that truly the balm of Gilead was with him and never left him!  “That’s just about the neatest thing ever!”

There’s only one true oil, one healing balm.  He knows what you need.  He is your comforter, your friend and your healer.

Yes, there is a balm in Gilead to make the wounded whole and his name is Jesus!

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