Weekend Rest

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photo (56)Sometimes you just have to stop what you are doing and go and enjoy a little “life.” Life as in, go outside and enjoy this beautiful almost Fall morning! Even if it’s just to have your breakfast and alone time with God. And my breakfast of choice this morning…Bacon & Orange Marmalade on Honey Wheat toast, and mocha coffee!

The house needs cleaning and the laundry needs washing, but when you feel a quiet and gentle tug at your heart, you need to listen. I’m not only stealing away to eat my breakfast, (which I am sure is not the breakfast of champions but pretty tasty to me) but to taste and see that the Lord is good. Breakfast with my Papa God.

“Taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him!” Psalm 34: 8 NLT

The joys indeed. I’m so thankful for the weekends to refresh, restart and rest.  We all need those times to recharge our batteries.

If you’ve had a rough week tell God about it. If you’ve had a pleasant week, praise Him. If things happened that were out of your control, He is waiting to listen. He’s all ears. If you’re worried about things this coming week, He can take care of your worries. He’s all concerned. And if you’re so tired from this past week, He can give you rest.

“Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him.” Psalm 62:5 NIV

Enjoy your weekend and find rest in God!

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