Are You Stubborn?

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photo (45)I am stubborn and I admit it! There…I’ve come clean. For those of you who don’t know me, I have a little bit of a stubborn streak within me. And those who do know me, I’m not telling you anything new about myself.

My husband and I had this conversation just the other day. Jokingly he said, “You’re just like your Dad, you’re both stubborn.” My response to him, “I can’t help it! My Mom’s side of the family was stubborn and so was my Dad’s. I come by it honestly.” He laughed, because he knew there was nothing false in what I was saying.

I’m also a certified “4-G Worrywort” that I blame on my Mom’s side of the family. 4-G Worrywort and stubborn as a mule. Poor Kevin right?

If you could go back in time, would you do it? You know, like in the 1980 movie “Somewhere In Time” with Jane Seymour and the late Christopher Reeve. One of the things on my bucket list is to go the the “Grand Hotel” on Mackinac Island, Michigan. I want to stand behind a tree, step out from it like Elise Mckenna (Jane Seymour) and say, “Is it you?” As Kevin comes walking down the pathway just as Richard Collier (Christopher Reeve) did. I’m not sure we can pull that particular scene off  from the movie quite like they did, but I’d love to give it a try! I love this movie and the whole time travel concept.

What if we could transport ourselves back to the time when Jesus walked on the earth? I know I’ve tried to imagine what it would have been like to have seen certain things, to be an eyewitness back then.

As I was reading this one particular passage in the book of Mark, I was trying to imagine what it would have been like to be there when Jesus was said to have returned to his hometown along with his disciples. At first, it sounds like they were impressed and kind of in awe of him.

On the Sabbath, he (Jesus) gave a lecture in the meeting place. He made a real hit, impressing everyone. “We had no idea he was this good!” they said. “How did he get so wise all of a sudden, get such ability?” What if you or I had been standing there? Would we have been impressed? Knowing one of our own from our hometown had come back, lecturing with such wisdom and knowledge.

But in the next breath they were cutting him down; “He’s just a carpenter ~ Mary’s boy. We’ve known him since he was a kid…who does he think he is?” They tripped over what little they knew about him and fell, sprawling. And they never got any further.” What if we had acted like that with Jesus right there among us? Praising him one minute and cutting him down the next…can you hear yourself say that same question? “Who does he think he is?”

“Jesus told them, “A prophet has little honor in his hometown, among his relatives, on the streets he played as a child.”  A familiarity between Jesus and those he grew up with. You know that kind. You and I both have childhood friends that we were really close to. We played with each other, went to each other’s house…spent time with one another. And even though Jesus grew up and knew those in his hometown, they knew very little about him.

“Jesus wasn’t able to do much of anything there ~ he laid hands on a few sick people and healed them, that’s all. He couldn’t get over their stubbornness. He left and made a circuit of the other villages, teaching.” Mark 6:1-6 msg

Would you and I have been part of his hometown, welcoming Jesus one minute…then in our stubbornness not accept what he had to say in our next breaths? Maybe we wanted to act like we really knew him, but we really didn’t have a clue at all who he really was…”tripping over what little we did know of him.”

Jesus wasn’t able to do much of anything there…he couldn’t get over their stubbornness. He left and made a circuit of the other villages…”

What’s so different today? We can claim to really know Jesus, but cut him down in the next breath! “Oh how I love Jesus!”  “Why did He let this happen!”  “Why doesn’t He answer my prayer about this…who does He think He is!”

Do you think Jesus ever thinks that about you and me at times? He can’t get over our stubbornness? He does not need you or me at all…we can be so stubborn in our own stubbornness that He will find someone else to help accomplish his plans and purposes!

“Oh Jesus…please let it not be said of me that you weren’t able to do much of anything with me! Forgive me of my stubbornness. May your will and your way permeate my life! Forgive me for not always welcoming you by my side! Use me for your kingdom, not what I can do to accomplish for myself but what I can accomplish for YOU! I pray that you would have all honor and glory at home with me.” ~ Beth 

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  1. I often thought I would like to go back in time to that place and period of Jesus’s ministry on earth. But then I remember that the Holy Spirit had not come yet (other than in specific cases of anointing.) We are so blessed today to have the Holy Spirit in us as believers with the promise of seeing Jesus in His full glory in heaven!

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