Peace and Quiet

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David’s idea of peace and quiet sounds like my kind of idea for peace and quiet.  I can’t think of anything more peaceful than a walk in the country, or a cabin in the woods…can you?

David was a man full of courage, but he was also fearful at times when his enemies were out to get him.  He ran from them, even hid in caves from them at times.  With God’s hand of protection upon him, he would cry out in distress, with an eager expectancy.

Fear bottled up inside him.  Weariness gripping his mind and body.  Longing for peace.  Longing for quiet.

“My insides are turned inside out; specters of death have me down.  I shake with fear, I shudder from head to foot.  “Who will give me wings,”  I ask ~ “wings like a dove?”  Get me out of here on dove wings; I want some peace and quiet.  I want a walk in the country, I want a cabin in the woods.  I’m desperate for a change from the rage and stormy weather.”  Psalm 55: 4-8 MSG

Have you ever felt this way before?  The way that David describes fear. Did it feel like your insides were turning inside out?  Longing for peace and quiet?  Wishing for wings to fly off to some peace and quiet?

What kind of change are you needing? What is your rage and stormy weather that you are dealing with? 

David was dealing with real life enemies,  maybe your enemies are a relationship, sickness, job situation, or financial issues.  Maybe you have so much going on in your life , you can’t seem to slow down to even take a breath….maybe that’s your stormy weather that you are desperate for a change….a change from being tired and worn out.

David knew these physical things, a walk in the country and a cabin in the woods would be peaceful.  He was remembering the peaceful and quiet times he had in his life, because I’m sure he had experienced these two particular places many times over.

He knew who could deliver him the peace and quiet that he so desperately needed.  God had done that before, and he knew he could and would do it again.

David knew that God would take care of his enemies…

“I call to God; God will help me.  At dusk, dawn, and noon I sigh deep sighs ~ he hears, he rescues.  My life is well and whole, secure in the middle of danger. even while thousands are lined up against me.  God hears it all, and from his judge’s bench puts them in their place.”  Psalm 55: 16-19 MSG

David’s confidence in God delivering him peace and quiet, can encourage us in knowing, that we can have that too!

Activating peace from God was what David knew how to do.

We have the same access to God’s peace and quiet just as David did.  Call out to your Papa God to help you.    At dusk, dawn and noon time, call out to the one who hears your deep sighs for peace.  He hears and He rescues.

Like a “walk in the country, and a cabin in the woods” kind of peace and quiet, your Papa God awaits to deliver to you!


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