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Over the past few weeks I’ve had a few people ask me if what I had on my blog was my stuff, or if I was getting it somewhere else and “reposting”.

Well, to just set the record straight, yes this “bloggin’ is from my noggin”.  Which was precisely the answer I gave to someone asking me recently.

Maybe it’s just a curiosity as to why I would?  And I’m not the least bit offended at all when I’ve been asked this particular question. In fact I always walk away and kind of chuckle to myself what’s going through their minds when asking.

If I dwelled on this question, I might find myself trying to analyzing it, (which I confess I have for a second) and even maybe worry about it.

I mentioned this to my hubby, (who helps me stay grounded as he gives me his much valued opinion).  I have said to him many times before, I never dreamed or thought that I would ever be blogging.  I also would be flattering myself if I thought myriads (this word honestly just popped up in my head…I’m trying, really I am Lol) of people were reading anything I had to say.

This blogging world is definitely new to me.  Perhaps it’s been a small dream of mine, tucked away in the recesses of my heart.

One of my favorite songs is  “Dream Big” by The Martins.  Here is a link to the lyrics.

Better yet, go to YouTube, type in Dream Big by The Martins and you will be blessed!

I was curious as to how many “bloggers” are around.

I found an article online by Eric Pangburn from almost a year ago, with the title, “How Many Blogs are There?  His answer:

* ~ over 101.7 million blogs with 44.6 billion posts.   * ~ (where my teeny tiny blog lives) over 63 million blogs.  *Livejournal ~ over 12 million.  *Blogster ~ over 582,754 blogs.  All recorded as of almost a year ago.

This really puts it in perspective for me.


I can’t help but laugh, but at the same time go, “wow” when I read the number of bloggers out there.

Like I’ve stated before, I’m plain, ordinary, nothing fancy and by no means scholarly.  I write what’s on my heart, always wanting to encourage others.

I’ve had to “face my lion” so to speak to step out without fear and blog.  Facing my lion comes from a book I recently finished, and hope to one day (maybe soon) speak more about this book and share with you my thoughts on how God used this book to open up my heart and be unafraid!

I pray that what I post, God will encourage someone with it.

“Through him (Jesus) we received both the generous gift of his life and the urgent task of passing it on to others.”  Romans 1:6 MSG

I worry (remember I am a “4G Worrywart” which happens to be one of my posts) that I will run out of words to say.  I worry at times that I don’t make sense.  And yes, that no one will read my blog.  God keeps whispering in my ear, “Let me take care of it”.  Ain’t God Good!

Even if my Papa God’s encouragement is just for one person ~ then I must write.  Write well?  I try, but I know I make a ton of grammar mistakes.

Peter and John were before all kind of rulers that day.  They couldn’t take their eyes off of the two laymen standing there “with no training in Scripture or formal education.  They recognized them as companions of Jesus.”  Acts 4:16 MSG

My prayer ~ that I too will be recognized as a companion of Jesus.

Finally saying what they wanted to say, they left all of the rulers with this one response, “We can’t keep quiet about what we’ve seen or heard.”  Acts 4:20 MSG

And neither can I….



  1. Sonia says

    Loved this blog!!! and yes it is so worth you writing I will read some more

    • Thank you Sonia for stopping by and visiting my little blog. My prayer is to be an encouragement to others. You have encouraged me with your kind words. Thank you.

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