Spring Up

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old car spring“Spring up” everybody.  Don’t forget to move your clocks forward tonight.

We spring up in the Spring and fall back in the Fall.  Daylight Savings Time rides on the coattails of a new season.  One that  I have come to know as the “Sneezin’ ~ Season”, of which I’m already experiencing (much to my dismay.)

Daylight Savings Time allows us to use less energy in lighting our homes by taking advantage of longer and later hours. The news.nationalgeographic.com claims Ben Franklin ~ of “early to bed and early to rise” fame was apparently the first to suggest the concept of daylight saving time, according to computer scientist David Prerau.  “Franklin seriously realized it would be beneficial to make better use of daylight, but he didn’t really know how to implement it,” Prerau said.

We have this huge clock hanging in our den that will not be changed tonight.  Also I won’t be changing the clock in my car.  Or the clock on my phone.  Den clock ~ wasn’t changed last Fall (only because who wants to drag a honking ladder in and climb to the top of Mt. Everest to move a couple of hands up…apparently me)  Don’t even ask me how to change my car clock, after reading the instructions in the manual I gave up a few years ago.  And as for my phone clock, every year it magically changes over night!  Just like it does when I pass through a time zone…this little action has been known to freak me out a couple of times. Yeah I know, doesn’t take much to mesmerize me!

gold wheat

I prefer to “spring up” and stay at this time.  I love the extra hours in the day.

And as for Springtime, I absolutely love it!  Even the grumpiest of grumps have to feel better with more sunshine rising high above them.  Although I do suffer a little with allergies, it’s well worth it to see God’s beauty burst forth.

Read David’s praises to God that reflect an ode to Springtime.

plowed field

“Oh, visit the earth, ask her to join the dance!  Deck her out in spring showers, fill the God-River with living water.  Paint the wheat fields golden.  Creation was made for this!  Drench the plowed fields, soak the dirt clods with rainfall as harrow and rake bring her to blossom and fruit.”  Psalm 65:9-11 MSG

“Take a good look at God’s wonders ~ they’ll take your breath away.”  Psalm 66:5 MSG

God’s mercies are new every morning and in every spring.  A new day, and a new season to praise him for fresh starts and new hopes every day!

dog pnk

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