Not One Lazy Bone

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Sometimes I’m just downright lazy.  I say this because I am.  But, I am tired a lot of times too.  There is a difference between lazy and tired though.  Here are the definitions for both according to the online dictionary.

Lazy ~ unwilling to work or use energy.  Idle, slothful, inactive, and sluggish.

Tired ~ in need of sleep or rest, weary, exhausted, and worn out.

As you can see the two are profoundly different.  I’m sure everyone has bouts of being lazy.  Just as everyone has bouts of being tired.  There is really no excuse for laziness, but there are reasons for being  tired.  A great picture that comes into my mind when I think of lazy is a hound dog, lying around on a front porch with no worries what so ever!  Oh the life of a hound dog!  Lying around all day, stretching out in the languid rays of a warm summer afternoon…pure bliss for that old hound dog!

When the picture of tired comes to mind, I see a young mother with a baby in her arms, maybe a toddler at her feet.  She has clothes to wash, meals to fix, a house to clean, a baby to take care of, as well as her toddler.  Bless her heart.  True picture of tiredness!

No one could have ever accused David of being lazy, even at a young age.  David displayed work ethics that would put anyone to shame.  He worked hard with his eyes on God.

Before David was even anointed, we can see that he was not idle.  “Then he (Samuel) asked Jesse (David’s father) Are there no more sons?”  (Jesse answers) “Well, yes there’s the runt. But he’s out tending the sheep.”  1 Samuel 16:11 MSG

David’s job even as a young boy was to tend sheep.  A job he did not take lightly at his age.

The next thing we see him do, is being a musician for Saul.  “Whenever the bad depression from God tormented Saul, David got out his harp and played.  That would calm Saul down, and he would feel better as the moodiness lifted.”  1 Samuel 16:23 MSG  I don’t know about you, but this sounds pretty serious!  Which makes me think, that not only was David an accomplished harp player (enough so for a King), but that he was dedicated to that particular job also.

“David went back and forth from attending to Saul to tending his father’s sheep in Bethlehem.”  1 Samuel 17:15 MSG

David was dedicated as well as loyal.


“David was up at the crack of dawn and having arranged for someone to tend to his flock, took food and was on his way just as Jesse had directed him.”  1 Samuel 17: 20 MSG

I’ve not seen one lazy bone in David yet have you?  David was dedicated, loyal and responsible.

David’s father Jesse wanted him to take food to his brothers, at their army camp.  While he was at the camp greeting his brothers, a certain very large Philistine champion, (want to take a guess who!)  “Goliath of Gath, stepped out from the front lines of the Philistines, and gave his usual challenge.  David heard him.”  1 Samuel 17:23 MSG

David heard him.

Since David heard him, he couldn’t keep quiet about it!  It was an army camp, with army talk going on.  David was joining in on the conversation, but surprise…surprise…surprise, his brothers told him to mind his own business!  “The things David was saying were picked up and reported to Saul and Saul sent for him.  “Master, said David, “don’t give up hope.  I’m ready to go fight this Philistine.”  Saul told him he was too young and too inexperienced.

This is David’s reply –

“I’ve been a shepherd, tending sheep for my father.  Whenever a lion or bear came and took a lamb from the flock, I’d go after it, knock it down, and rescue the lamb.  If it turned on me, I’d grab it by the throat, wring it’s neck, and kill it.  Lion or bear, it made no difference – I killed it. And I’ll do the same to this Philistine pig who is taunting the troops of God-Alive.  God, who delivered me from the teeth of the lion and the claws of the bear,  will deliver me from this Philistine.”  1 Samuel 17:34-37 MSG

And the rest was history as they say!  With five smooth stones and a slingshot, David killed Goliath.

Dedicated, loyal, responsible, and brave, all wrapped up in God confidence.

David was not lazy, and it sounds like he wasn’t even tired!

How did he do it?  Vitamins?  Protein Shakes? 5-Hour energy drinks?

“Samuel took his flask of oil and anointed him, with his brothers standing around watching.  The Spirit of God entered David like a rush of wind, God vitally empowering him for the rest of his life.”  1 Samuel 16: 13 MSG

David’s secret?   He was vitally empowered by God for the rest of his life!

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The Author

Hey glad you dropped by! My name is Elizabeth Maxwell, but everyone knows me as "Beth." I am the wife to Kevin Maxwell of 38 years. We have 3 grown sons, one daughter-in-law, and our adopted daughter Maria. God laid on our hearts to experience an awesome journey in 2000, in adopting our special needs daughter, Maria Dean. God has truly been with us every step of the way on our journey. I live in the beautiful foothills state of Tennessee. I love my beautiful Tennessee home. From the foothills to the whippoorwills, God's beauty shines forth here. I love to laugh often. I enjoy old movies, reading books, and I love to sing in my award (Dove) winning choir at First Baptist Church! I love my sweet little job, working with Kindergartners...and yes "kids do say the darndest things!" I am encouraged by God's word and I love to dig into it. I am by no means a scholarly expert, but I do delight in His encouragement for me. I am a friend of God...after all, God's got my back! And not just my back - "He goes before me." (Deuteronomy 31:8) "He's right beside me." (Hebrews 13:5) and, "He surrounds me on every side." (Psalm 125:2) These verses remind me that I am not alone while traveling on this "Journey Called Life!" Won't you travel with me? My prayer is that you will be encouraged, and know that you are not alone on this journey called life!

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