Never Shortchanged

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🔷It’s so funny how one or two little words can turn people upside down! Or you could say, frantic, anxious, fearful….hungry?
🔹With the ‘bad’ weather approaching, “Every Who down in Whoville…” Oh wait, that’s another story! :0) Let’s just say, just about every citizen here in our county wiped out the bread and milk off of the shelves at the grocery stores yesterday!
🔹The word ‘snow’ and the word ‘ice’, seem to make us a little frantic. I have to admit, I was just a tad anxious myself! I got up at 4:00 am to watch the weather report on tv. Did it snow the 1-2 inches? Was there ice on the roads? Just how cold was it going to be, or how cold is it going to get?
🔹For some reason those two little words when said by the meteorologists, puts us…(well, most of us) into a tailspin, and as if on automatic pilot, we go straight to the store and get bread and milk! And by the way, if you have not seen the Youtube ‘Gotta Get Bread and Milk’ video, I highly recommend it! I laughed until I cried!
🔹I think maybe we are a little scared? Our adreniline is flowing and we want to be ‘fueled’ up and alert to what’s going to happen next! Really, it’s probably a normal reaction, after all who can forget the “Blizzard of ’93”!
🔹Our patience may wear thin as we wait on the bad weather to arrive, whether sitting at home, or in the lines of the grocery stores! And when we see the bread and milk wiped out, we may feel shortchanged! But praise God, we don’t ever have to feel like we are being shortchanged with Him! “…we know how troubles can develop passionate patience in us, and how that patience in turn forges the tempered steel of virtue, keeping us alert for whatever God will do next. In alert expectancy such as this, we’re never left feeling shortchanged. Quiet the contrary, we can’t round enough containers to hold everything God generously pours into our lives through the Holy Spirit!” Romans 5:3-5 MSG
🔹God’s bread and milk aisle will never be empty for us!

The Author

Hey glad you dropped by! My name is Elizabeth Maxwell, but everyone knows me as "Beth." I am the wife to Kevin Maxwell of 38 years. We have 3 grown sons, one daughter-in-law, and our adopted daughter Maria. God laid on our hearts to experience an awesome journey in 2000, in adopting our special needs daughter, Maria Dean. God has truly been with us every step of the way on our journey. I live in the beautiful foothills state of Tennessee. I love my beautiful Tennessee home. From the foothills to the whippoorwills, God's beauty shines forth here. I love to laugh often. I enjoy old movies, reading books, and I love to sing in my award (Dove) winning choir at First Baptist Church! I love my sweet little job, working with Kindergartners...and yes "kids do say the darndest things!" I am encouraged by God's word and I love to dig into it. I am by no means a scholarly expert, but I do delight in His encouragement for me. I am a friend of God...after all, God's got my back! And not just my back - "He goes before me." (Deuteronomy 31:8) "He's right beside me." (Hebrews 13:5) and, "He surrounds me on every side." (Psalm 125:2) These verses remind me that I am not alone while traveling on this "Journey Called Life!" Won't you travel with me? My prayer is that you will be encouraged, and know that you are not alone on this journey called life!

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